Shorthair Cat


If you’re looking for a gentle, feel good companion and a best playmate for your kids, with no second thought get an American Shorthair. These are popularly known for its good looks, robust health, sweet personality, and friendliness with children and other pets.


This breed originated from the cats bought by settlers from Europe to North America. It was found in records that several cats were carried to hunt the rats in ships, for centuries these “working cats” flourished with their pioneer owners and established the Native American Shorthair, eventually. Value of their loving nature and beauty came as much as their rat skills were valued.


It was during late 19th century, an interest in developing and showing a shorthair cat representative of Northern America, popped up. One brown American Shorthair was offered in Sale for $2500 at the Madison Square Garden. In fact, The Cats Fancier Association chose to recognize this beautiful cat as one of their five registered breeds in the year 1906.


Even though breeders selectively preserved all-around cat’s structure, beautiful face and striking colour in-line with today’s trends, there were confusions with other normal breeds like Siamese, Persian or Maine Coon, holding the similar qualities. It was late found that the pedigreed cats can produce kittens of the same physical conformation, hair quality, and temperament, continuously. This is not the case in other random cats.


Shorthair CatAn athletic cat has a large powerful body and is considered as the true breed of working cats. This breed is low maintenance and is healthy, easy going with owners and social with strangers.


Male of this variety usually are larger than the females, weighing about 11 to 15 pounds, whereas the females weight between 6 to 12 pounds. They grow up to 3 to 4 years with annual vaccinations and health check-ups. With loving care and quality diet, these can give best company to their owners up to 15 years.


Funny facts about Shorthairs:

  • The first cat show at United States of America had seventy one shorthair cats
  • These cats purr very loudly when they’re content.
  • They love to sit at high places, such as shelves, or trees.


These intelligent cats are interested in their surroundings. They love to watch birds, any other animals or any other outside activity from a window rest. The calm and playful cats like to sit on owners lap at times. Even though these are social cats, they haven’t forgotten their working skills; they still have a watch and catch those insects, pests or rats finding their way in your home.


Find a reputable breeder while choosing your American Shorthair, as there are fake breeders selling random variety. Kittens are available for sale between 12th and 16th week of their age. It’s after 12th week, kittens have their first vaccination and get the physical and social stability for a new home, showing or transported to new air.


These rare treasures at your home need regular spaying and sufficient space to move around. If you find your American Shorthair scratching any essential element, don’t panic, it’s they maintain a healthy long life.


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