American Curl Cats


Considered as Mother Nature’s gift to the Feline family since 1981, the American Curl is still considered as the newest breed in the fancy family of cats. This species continues to gain popularity and there are evidence proofs of numbers one can find.


First sight

It was in June 1981, Joe and Grace, residents of suburban California community of Lakewood, found at their doorstep, found this breed true to its name. Grace being pregnant with their first child in seventh month, tried hard on doing nothing to the little creature. The next day, as Joe was back from his work, to spot two little six months old kitten.


As he approached his wife to know if she saw these little ones outside, he came to know that she didn’t. By the time Joe went for a change of dress, Grace went to feed the skinny little ones whose ears were curled from back. These kittens were named Shulamith and Panda. However, it was said that Panda ran away in two weeks.


Unusual ears

American Curls, when born have straight ears, but in a span of seven days from their birth, their ears begin to curl back. This curling and uncurling keep on happening, until they’re permanently set when the kittens are four month old. It’s with the degree of ear’s curl this breed’s quality is found; First degree being pet, second being breeder and third one being a show presenter.


It’s interesting fact to note that, the degree of kitten is unpredictable from what their parent’s have. Unlike other Feline breeds, the American Curl has firm ears, similar to that of humans. This firm cartilage starts from the base of the ear to minimum 1/3 of its height and usually go up to 2/3 of the height, leave the rest flexible.


Characteristics and behaviour

American Curl CatsAmerican Curls are just not those kinds of decorator cats; these masterpieces of humour loving creator have a special reputation of never growing up and maintain their playful and inquisitive personality into adulthood. Curls age ranges from eight months to eight years.


A popular illusion was made to see the personality differences among, American Curl and Scottish Fold. It was found that Scottish Fold would sit and wait on the couch until it’s dinner is ready, while American Curl will help you prepare the dinner. Anyone, who has lived with Curls for any time frame would be able to relate to this illustration.


Curls bond with owners, caretakers and children instantly, as these attributes unique loving and affectionate personalities. A Curl Owner would know in few weeks of owning a Curl that, they’re known for greeting humans and other Feline breeds. While few Curls greet with light head bumps, others are industrious about this practice of greeting.


Find your American Curl soon, whether you’re lover of Showing or breeding your pets, or your purpose of having a pet is just to share your life with an infectious and intelligent companion that can make you realize how enjoyable and intuitive that makes you treat these as a part of your family.


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