Bobtail Cat


A small furry domesticated mammal that’s kept as an indoor pet is often called Cat. One of the varieties amongst these human loving pets is, American Bobtail. The cats with rectangular body vary from medium to large, having short tails.


The natural bob tails conveys that the cat is alert, by showing its visibility precisely. The combination of this bob tail, with other physical features, points the resemblance of a bob tailed wildcat.


These cats were developed by natural selection to survive feral environment. By possessing a distinctive wild appearance, these cats are loving and incredibly intelligent.


Red bobtail CatWith their antics at sometimes, these are best entertainers and also bond with owner and family in such a way that, they provide their soft shoulders to cry at times of distress. The social and reasonably energetic cats would demand owner’s attention either by meowing or by just hopping to owner’s lap.


Head is broad and modified with a whisker break above a well defined medium length. The whisker pads are fleshy and the chins are strong. The hunting look and the expression of alertness and intelligence are captured from those eye shapes in combination with the brows.


The shoulder blades of these mammals are prominent with slightly higher hips and a full chest. With their athletic and muscular appearance, these cats are deceivingly heavy cats.


This breed takes about two to three years to reach adult size, than other cat breeds. Female cats are much smaller than that of male cats.


American Bobtail is found in all colour combinations and patterns, with the colour and pattern preference being given to enhance the wild appearance of this breed. These come in two different hair lengths; a dense short-hair and a medium long-hair.


Though urban legends say, these cats are result of cross-breeding a domestic Tabby-Cat and a wild Bob-Cat, Cat Fancier’s Associations have confirmed that there are no pedigreed cats used in the development of American Bobtail cats, these become one of those healthy, and strong breed, experiencing no genetic predisposition to their health problems. To have a tip-top American bob tail, just give an occasional bath and light brushing to this little one of yours.


To buy your American Bobtail kitten, check for a reputed breeder, who would have series of questioned ready for you to ensure that you and American Bobtail are compatible.


There are cases that end up waiting for buying their kitten. Don’t get surprised with this, these loving family members are worth your wait, that you’re realize once you start knowing them and their behaviour as a caretaker.


Kittens are usually available for sale between twelve to sixteen weeks of their age, this gap is for them to have sufficient time with their mothers and other litter-mates to be socialized well and also vaccinated completely.


As an owner of American Bobtail, ensure to keep your indoors spaying and provide the little fellow family member enough space to play around. There are chances wherein essential elements are scratched by this mid air flying insect hunter as a part of their joyful and healthy life.


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