René Avilés Fabila, Mexican author, Died at 75


René Avilés Fabila was born on November 15, 1940, in Mexico city and died on October 9, 2016.

He was a Mexican author,

Fabila work is recognized in Mexico and Iberoamerica.

René Avilés Fabila earned a BA in International Relations and did post-graduate studies at the University of Paris. His bibliography is extensive and includes stories, novels, memoirs, essays, and articles.

Some of his work includes; The Games, Tantadel, Odette’s Song, The Great Solitaire of the Palace, Requiem for a Suicide, Loving Fairy Tales, The Gospel According to René Avilés Fabila and many others.

Fabila’s work has been included in numerous anthologies and abroad is translated into several languages and are currently appearing in his Collected Works Editorial Nueva Imagen.

He has over forty years of literary work, teaching, and journalism, he has won numerous awards and recognitions.

René Avilés Fabila passed away at 75 years old.