Donn Fendler, American wilderness survivor, Died at 90

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Donn C. Fendler was born on August 29, 1926, and died on October 9, 2016.
He came from Rye, New York.
Fendler was twelve years old when he was separated from his family and became lost on Maine’s Mount Katahdin.
Donn’s disappearance launched a manhunt which became front page news throughout the nation and involved hundreds of volunteers.
He survived for 9 days without food or proper clothing, before following a stream and telephone line out of the woods near Stacyville, Maine.
He was dehydrated, covered with insect bites, and 16 pounds lighter than at the beginning of his odyssey, but otherwise unharmed.
Fendler credited his experience as a Boy Scout in helping him survive the ordeal.
Fendler then wrote a book following his journey, Lost On A Mountain In Maine, with help from Joseph B. Egan, which has become a Maine children’s classic.
Which was written from his perspective as a young boy, Donn tells his harrowing story from start to finish.
During November 2011, his story was published as a graphic novel to reach a new generation of readers
He was living in Clarksville, Tennessee, but spends his summers in Newport, Maine.
Donn Fendler passed away at 90 years old.