Quique Lucca, Puerto Rican centenarian, Died at 103

Quique Lucca died on October 9, 2016.

He was a Puerto Rican centenarian.

He was the founder of the Sonora Ponceña.

Was best known for “Bear Mountain”, “Yambeque”, “Bomba Carambomba”, “peep peep”, “Boranda”, “Until we break the leather”, “Song of love”, ” Moreno am “,” My cute Yambú, “” Remembrance “and” second thought

Lucca was the founder of the legendary Puerto Rican salsa orchestra.

The Sonora Ponceña has released over twenty albums,which include “Fire in the 23” (in 1969), “Creole Christmas” (in 1971), “Some of madness” (in 1971) and “From Puerto Rico to New York “(1972),” Warring “(in 1992),” Soul of Puerto Rico “(in 1993),” Squeezing “(in 1995),” Pure flavor “(in 2000) and” Another Cirolla Christmas “(in 2008).

He had admitted to the hospital in his native Ponce after suffering a fracture in his right hip so he had to undergo a risky operation.

He died due to a heart attack.

Quique Lucca passed away at 103 years old.