Jacky Lee, American football player, Died at 77

Jack Ross “Jacky” Lee was born on July 11, 1939, and died on May 2, 2016.

He was an American quarterback.

He played professional football in the American Football League for all ten of its seasons (1960–1969).

When he played football, baseball, and basketball at Akron’s Ellet High School, he played college football at the University of Cincinnati.

Lee was the team MVP and an All-Conference Quarterback(1958-1959).

Lee was MVP of the Senior Bowl, in 1960.

During 1960, Jacky was the first QB ever selected (1st Round) by the American Football League’s Houston Oilers, where he split time with George Blanda in the Oilers’ 1960 and 1961 AFL Championship seasons.

He threw for 457 yards against the Boston Patriots, in 1961, then an AFL record and set another league record with a 98 yard touchdown to Willard Dewveall against the Chargers.

Himself along with George Blanda combined to throw 38 touchdowns for the Oilers in 1961.

He played in every game for the Oilers(1961-1963).

Jacky became the one and only the player to ever be “lend-lease” to another team, in 1964.

Denver Broncos borrowed Lee and was to went back to the Oilers two year later.

During his time at Denver, Lee threw for 370 yards in one-half against the Oakland Raiders.

During 1967, he was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs.

He spent most of his last 3 years as the back-up to Len Dawson with the Kansas City Chiefs.

He was part of the1969 AFL and World Championship (Super Bowl IV) winning team.

Lee was one of only twenty men who played in each of the ten years of the AFL’s existence.

He retired in 1970 after a shoulder injury and went on to have a successful career in commercial real estate in Houston.

Jacky Lee passed away at 77 yrs old.