Sydney Onayemi, Nigerian-born Swedish DJ, Died at 78


Sydney Onayemi\ aka Big Brother Sydney was born in 1937 and died on May 1, 2016.

He was a Nigerian-born Swedish DJ.

The Dj other name “Abayomi” means “he brings me joy and happiness” in the Yoruba language.

Sydney came to Sweden in 1962 to study finance at the prestigious Stockholm School of Economics.

Two years after school, Onayemi had to drop out of school due to lack of money.

To be able to pay his bills, Sydney Onayemi started working at restaurants, mainly cleaning bathrooms at the Strands Maritime.

Ultimately, Sydney began deejaying soul, and later funk and disco, music that was fairly new to Sweden.

He also sang along to the tracks, added maracas and other live percussions.

Sydney Onayemi opened his own discothèque Big Brother, in 1972.

Sydney Onayemi opened his fourth discothèque Confetti in 1984, a gay discothèque, and also worked as resident DJ at various other discothèques throughout the years.

For a moment, he also opened the discothèques “Knattedisco” and “1984”.

Sydney came out of retirement for a one-time event at the Loveboat 12 club, in 2010, celebrating the Disco era.

Sydney Onayemi passed away at 78 yrs old.