Nicolas Noxon, American filmmaker, Died at 79

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Nicolas Lane Noxon was born on July 29, 1936, and died on May 3, 2016.

He was an American documentary filmmaker.

Noxon majored in television programs dealing with history, science and the natural world.

He has produced television specials and series in association with ABC, David Wolper, Columbia Pictures Television, Metromedia, MGM, Survival Anglia, Time-Life and National Geographic Television.

He started working on the National Geographic Specials in the mid-60s, producing and writing three of the first programs when they premiered on CBS.

During 1967, Noxon was the co-founder of the Documentary Department at MGM, the first such organization in a major movie studio.

While he was there, Nicolas produced and supervised many natural history documentaries as well as films on such diverse subjects as archaeology, forest fires, the history of the movies, early child development and so many more.

During the year he spent working, the specials have won more than 400 awards including 58 Emmy Awards, four George Foster Peabody awards and two Dupont-Columbia awards for Broadcast Journalism.

His second wife was Nicky Nicholas and the first was Mary Straley, with whom he had had four children.

Nicolas Noxon passed away at 79 yrs old.