Drew Nelson, Irish solicitor, and politician, Died at 60

  Law, Politician

Drew Nelson LLB was born in 1956, and died on October 10, 2016.

He was a solicitor, politician and Grand Secretary of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.

During 1992, he was selected by the South Down constituency of the Ulster Unionist Party to succeed Enoch Powell as parliamentary candidate.

Nelson lost to Eddie McGrady by 6000 votes.

During 1989 Drew topped the poll in Dromore DEA and was elected to Banbridge District Council.

Nelson retained his seat in 1993 and went on to become Chairman of the Council before standing down in 1997.

Nelson expressed support for the UUP ending or reforming its link with the Orange Order in an attempt to broaden its appeal, in 1996, for which he was heckled.

Nelson also supported power sharing with the Social Democratic and Labour Party in a devolved unitary legislature, however, Drew opposed the Belfast Agreement.

Drew Nelson was 4th on the UUP list for election to the Northern Ireland Forum in South Belfast In 2004, he left the UUP and in 2005 became Grand Secretary of the Orange Institution.

Drew Nelson passed away at 60 years old.