Marnix Kappers, Dutch actor, Died at 73

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Marnix Kappers was born on September 8, 1943, and died on October 10, 2016.

He was a Dutch cabaret artist and actor.

During 1966, he won the Camarettenfestival with cabaret group Déjà Vu and a year later he won the Personality Award at the same festival.

Kappers worked with Wim Kan and was part of the Ivo de Wijs cabaret group from 1978 through 1980.

Kappers played in various youth series on Dutch television, most notably Kunt u mij de weg naar Hamelen vertellen, mijnheer? and Familie Knots.

At some point in the 1990s Kappers hosted Knoop in je Zakdoek alongside Sylvia Millecam.

Marnix Kappers also became the voice of the Dutch version of Postman Pat.

He had a long-term relationship with dancer John Kuipers, in 2013.

He committed suicide.

Marnix Kappers passed away at 73 years old.