Bombay Cat


If you prefer to own a panther and afraid if it’s wildness, to satisfy such weird desires of yours, KY breeder Nikki Horner set her sights on producing these copper – eyed black shorthaired cats, having exotic appearance of mini or parlor panther. She received inspiration for this from the black leopard of India.


With her efforts starting 1953 with selective breeding, Ms. Horner, wished to create such hybrid breed combing the characteristics of those established domestic breed.


Although she was pretty sure that her creation is just to produce cats with wild looks and with no wildness in their behaviour, characteristics or temperament. Ms. Horner adopted a long selective process of line breeding and outcross breeding such that she was able to produce these black cats called Bombay, constantly.


With a preference to play a dominant in house-hold, Bombay cats can adapt with any breed of dogs, that getting along with other breed from cats family. These Black Panther types of cats are often intelligent and seek an active interaction with humans and are curious when it comes to play games.


Their voice is so very different that you would find it unique from other cat varieties.Though their physical development is slow, these feline breed reach their sexual maturity much sooner than that of others, hence it’s advised for owners to plan on spaying females and neutering males between 6 and 9 months from their birth.


Bombay male cats may not get full muscular development until he is two years, and weigh between 8 and 11 pounds averagely and females weighing from 6 to 9 pounds.


Having strong appetites, Bombay cats can free-feed without becoming over-weight. There are some owners of this heavy eating cats feel that it’s time for them to adapt to low calorie meal or switch to rationing the cat’s food. With tight short coats these cats sheds less and thus becomes zero maintenance.


Though they are self grooming cat breeds that are capable of grooming themselves, but a rubdown with the palm of your hand or a rubber brush is always a welcoming activity by them. There would be variation in their coat like any other cats, just that it’s seasonal.

Bombay cat

Bombay cat sitting and looking up, isolated on white

These cats have a round and medium sized face with no flat planes or sharp angles. The rounded forehead is not domed; the nose is slightly rounded at the tip, the muzzle is short, but not snubbed and the chin reflects a normal bite that’s neither receding nor protruding.


The body is medium sized, neither cobby nor rangy, with the legs being well proportioned to the body having rounded feet. These cats chests are ample and rounded. The back is level from shoulder to tail that the tail isn’t very long or very short.


It has been said that, if you wish to own a cat, or a monkey or a dog, then it’s best to choose these Bombay cats as they poses all rolled into one mischievous package. With less training, these are the best playmates you can rely on. Before selecting your Bombay kittens, it’s important that you discuss about their characteristics with the breeder.


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