Balinese Cat


The most handsome mauve point with long hair in body coated with silk like structure, with exquisite plume and drop dead blue eyes, Balinese as they’re popularly known. Though few breeders quietly pet these fuzzy kittens out as undesirable during the early 20th century, it was during the middle of this century; popular Siamese breeders found the longhair as the actual beauty of these cats and started ling breeding this variety for more production.


Thus these cats were on lime light before the end of the century as a growing mutation breed.


Originally known as Long Hair Siamese, these breed’s eyes were blue and almond shaped, head forming long narrow wedge with a straight profile that’s long. Thus possessing great Balinese resemblance, grace and elegance of those dancers, these breeds were named Balinese.


It was also felt that the original name of these cats, Long Hair Siamese, didn’t suit them well that went with the regular flow. It was during one of the controversy the reclassification of breeds began that longhair to shorthair of Balinese began some time in 1984.


The reason for this classification being, lack of agreement amongst this variety breeders, that resulted in lack of consistency in the cats those were presented for shows. Thus confusing the judges and preventing these breeds from entering the finals of any cat shows.


With arrival of many new breeds over the last two decades, these lovely cats don’t enjoy the same popularity as they did during the early days, may be this is the common concern with few other breeds as well.


But people who have been working with this feline variety are aware of the accomplishments achieved and also the characteristics this breed of cats posses in moving with humans, strangers, kids and most of all other animals.


By sharing your life with Balinese, you would never miss the joy of a best friend, companion or any partnership for that matter. This is an unique variety of cats that prefers to be included in every activity that their owner care taker does.


These would give you a great feel that you would be considered as the most fascinating and wonderful creatures on the earth. Balinese are very verbal and you can talk to them on any subject under the sky.

Balinese cat

Balinese cat, 5 years old, sitting in front of white background

When you’re sad, you can see them weep along with you, they know to comfort you at your sickness and they are the best companion you can find to share your happiness and play.


Be it any game, they love to play and their favourite being “fetch the mouse” and a ride on your shoulders. Male Balinese are also known as “cling ons” they got this name as they’re popularly known for clinging on. These breed are the most easiest when it comes to maintaining, since their hair is just a single coat, an occasional brushing is all what is required to have a clean Balinese beside you.


It’s important that you’re feed them with good diet and plenty of exercises to have an healthy pet. So it’s just your attention they except than anything else, by pouring your attention, you’re choosing a best friend beside you any moment.


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