Bengal Cat


Hybrid breed of domestic pets, those are result of crossing a domestic feline with that of an Asian leopard cats are popularly known as Bengal. Most of them, mistake the name of this breed for it resembles more of a Bengal Tiger, which is untrue. People often fall in love with this breed for its wild like marking with gentle and domesticated temperament.


It was during the end of 19th century, fascination for domestic wild cats gained popularity. As a result, somewhere during 1960s, hunters who had trapped those Asian Leopard Cats with exotic looks, started to sell those orphaned cubs to American pet stores as a part of their novelty.


Although these wild cats resemble more of domestic cats, it’s their eyes, long legs and distinct leopard marks that differentiate them from the domestic ones that are much gentle and friendly.


Sometime in 1960, a resident of Covina, California, Jean Mili, basically a genetic student, bought home an Asian Leopard female cat, with high hopes and great preparation on cross breeding. With her neighbours black tabby, that was almost to be abandoned, she started the process, to her surprise found the wild cat falling in love with the tabby and thus resulting in giving birth to the first Bengal Cat.


It took another two decades for Milli to see another positive result of producing a line of Bengal Cats. Around the same time, an American couple saw good result in cross breeding Asian Leopard Cat and Egyptian Mau Cats.


Those produced a line of Bengal Cats. We can proudly leave the credits to Milli or the American couple for showing the roots to these Bengal cats today.


Most of the cross breeding cats require some kind of scientific finesse and this is very true with Bengal cats. The international cat’s association requires Show cats to be the bred ones from Bengal to Bengal for atleast 4 generations for ensuring that their temperament is docile.


Unlike other cats, Bengal cats love to spend more time in water. It’s a known fact that almost all breeds of cat run away to the sound of water.

Bengal Cat

Portrait of a purebred bengal cat on a white background

To our surprise Bengal cats are notorious to jump into the water for enjoying their playtime. By placing a toy or two you can make their playtime in water even more enjoyable. The result being happiness at both ends.


Before getting your lovable Bengal Kitten for a couch company or a playmate, it’s highly recommended that you approach a reputed breeder and also do a thorough research on this hybrid breed. It’s important you get the most domesticated breed home to serve the purpose of pets than a wild mammal.


Hence before adopting the kitten, check the temperament of the queen, check if the father of the kitten a docile, doe he hiss or swat? See if the mother of the kitten much approachable to you. Like humans kittens exhibit the qualities of parents and with the above checks, you’re aware of the temperament of the kitten you plan to get home.


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