Who was Charl Van Den Berg?

  Dead Famous

Charl Van Den Berg was a South African model who won the title of Mr Gay South Africa and Mr Gay World in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

He was born on 9th December 1981 and died at the age of 33 on 6th August 2015 in a hospital in South Africa while he was fighting against lymphatic cancer.

He was a true activist and involved in LGBT rights, HIV awareness and education, and animal cruelty.
Charl began his career as a model as in the year 2009, he won the nomination of Mr Gay South Africa at the Pretoria State Theatre Opera House.

The title urged him to represent South Africa at the International level where he again won the title of Mr Gay World in 2010 in Oslo, Norway.

During the pageant Charl overcome 22 of its international competitors and outshone from the rest as the official title holder.

This winning title further made him to get involved with certain awareness programs and worked with Health4men and Animal Anti Cruelty League.

The Health4men was an American funded organization mainly focused on acknowledging the cause of Red Ribbon HIV and spreading accountable information on it.

He became the spokesperson for the LGBT community and Human Rights for minority groups.

His trip to Namibia initiated their launch of the LGBT network so that the breach gets reduced with the African countries where homosexuality is still a myth.

Van Den Berg’s other world trips included Berlin and Philippines both were based on the cause of homosexuality and HIV awareness.

He delivered a speech directing to the international media where he stated that being owning the privilege of Mr Gay World he will aim is bridging the gap between the stereotype mind sets and encouraging equality among all.

Charl became the official ambassador of a project called It Gets Better which mainly helps teens to overcome their issues being gay.


Charl Van Den Berg throughout his career stood for the rights of the LGBT groups and carried his messages to every places he travelled.

His warm and suave character urged others to love and follow his path. He interviewed by the media on various occasions for being the ambassador and youth icon of the homosexuals.

Charl was featured in some of the notable international magazines like Outlook, The Citizen, Cape Argus, Die Raport, Pretoria, Die Beeld, Kulumag, DNA magazine and many more.

There was a 15 minutes of clips heard at the Kwela Lifestyle TV Show. Apart from visual media, Charl also made appearances on various radio stations of South Africa including 702, Cape Talk 567, KFM, 94.7 FM Highveld stereo, and Jacaranda.

His voice was even heard over Radio Today Outspoken, which is the only gay radio station in South Africa.