Coyote (auteur) Cartoonist, Died at 52

  Dead Famous

Dead, Philippe Escafre, Coyote, conceived October 9, 1962 to Rodez and kicked the bucket August 9, 2015 in Toulouse, he is an author of comics and designer humorous French, best known for his collaboration in Fluide glacial.

After the early 1980s, stone engraver in the funeral, on automobiles painter and tattoo artist, is moving towards Coyote cartoon.

It is primarily through the bike – his passion – he starts to live his vocation as an illustrator, drawing in journals like Hot Cycles, Cycles US, or for Ever Bike Freeway.

From 1988, he began publishing in newspapers like cartoon comic Mag.

He knows his first album releases by producing illustrations for collective works published by Vents d’Ouest, with the improbable adventures of Istérix (a parody of Asterix ): in this last album, he signs a story and coverage, on which Asterix and Obelix are caricatured in Hells Angels.

Meanwhile, he continues to work for motorcycle magazines such as Moto Magazine.

This is one of those newspapers that the series creates Mammoth and Piston who will then re-published by Editions de la Tour aka cold fluid.