Vjatšeslav Kobrin, Russian guitarist and songwriter, Died at 58


Vjatšeslav “Slavka” Kobrin was born on 11 April 11, 1958, in Cherepovets, Russia, and died on April 23, 2016, in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

He was a Russian guitarist and songwriter.

Vjatšeslav Kobrin born in Cherepovets, Russia, in a family of musicians.

Vjatšeslav father was the director of a philharmonic and his mother was a choirmaster.

He studied the flute, in music school.

During the year 1979, Kobrin founded a rock group Rok-Sentyabr (Rock September) in Cherepovets.

Other than to guitar, he played also a flute and sang.

Between 1982–1983, Kobrin collaborated with Yuri Shevchuk and DDT in the recording of DDT’s album Monolog v Saigone (Monologue in Saigon), later renamed to Kompromiss (Compromise).

During that same year Estonian the rock musician Gunnar Graps invited him to his Magnetic Band where Kobrin played the guitar in 1983–1984.

During 1984, Korbin joined Lainer, a band of Estonian singer Jaak Joala.

A few musicians from Lainer and Muusik Seif, in 1986 a band of Tõnis Mägi, formed Kobrin Blues Band, a special project to perform at Levimuusikapäevad festival in Tartu.

After that, the same musicians formed Ultima Thule.

Vjatšeslav together with Riho Sibul became the main songwriters of the band.

During the year 1990, after Ultima Thule tour in Canada, Vjatšeslav Kobrin left the band and decided to stay in Canada.

He played in different bands, most significantly in the band of Michael Pickett.

He started with a retail business by opening a store in Toronto.

Vjatšeslav Kobrin moved with family to Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica, in 2005.

Kobrin had stop doing musician career performing only occasionally, e.g. in Augustibluus festival in 2009 in Haapsalu and in festivals in Cherepovets in 2012–2013.

Kobrin slip while he was in his bathroom and fall in coma, in April 2016.

Vjatšeslav Kobrin passed away at 58 yrs old.