Chuck Waseleski, American baseball statistician, Died at 61

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Charles “Chuck” Waseleski was born on November 30, 1954, Montague, Massachusetts, and died on April 7, 2016, Athol, Massachusetts.

He was a pioneering American sabermetrician (baseball statistician and statistics analyst) from Massachusetts.

Chuck was called “the czar of hardball software” by Boston Globe sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy, but was most popularly known in Boston as “The Maniacal One”, a sobriquet often seen on the sports pages of the Globe.

That nickname, stamp by Steve Fainaru and continued in use by Gordon Edes, Peter Gammons, and Nick Cafardo, honored Waseleski’s extreme attention to detail.

Chuck Waseleski, was more a statistics compiler than an analyst, he kept track for many years of every pitch and every ball in play of every Boston Red Sox game, during the early days of sabermetrics when this data was not routinely compiled.

Chuck did not study sabermetrics as a full-time profession (he worked for an engineering consulting firm), although he did publish monthly and seasonal reports for a while and was employed by sports agents, and excerpts of his work appeared in works by Bill James and in Globe newspaper columns beginning in the 1980s.

Chuck Waseleski passed away at 61 yrs old.