Veenu Paliwal, Indian motorcyclist, Died at 44


Veenu Paliwal was born in 1972 and died on 2016.

She was a well-recognized Indian motor biker from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Because of her passion of bikes, she was named the “Lady of Harley” (Dunes Harley-Davidson) and “HOG Rani”.

During an interview, she once noted that her inspiration was her father since childhood, who himself was an “avid biker”.

Regardless of her passionate about bikes, it’s not until, after getting into college when she learned to ride motorcycles from her college friends.

even though she herself did not own any motorcycle then.

Veenu Paliwal was married but due to her husband’s restriction on her riding, and other issues led to a divorce, she had two children from her marriage, son Shiven Vikram (studying in the USA) and daughter Shivika Vikram (had just completed her twelfth standard), though the children s custody remained with their father.

Her father had retired from the Union Bank of India.

Veenu has a sister who lives in USA.

Veenu Paliwal passed away at 44 yrs old.