Ukrainian politician, Valeriy Shmarov, Died at 74

Valeriy Shmarov born on August 14, 1945, village Zholoby, Vinnytsia Oblast and died on October 14, 2018.

He was a Ukrainian politician.

From October 10, 1994, to July 8, 1996, Shmarov was the third Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

In 1966– 1987 he worked at Kiev Radio Factory in positions from a controller of radio hardware to a Production Director.

Shmarov took an interest in the formation of control frameworks of a few ages of vital rockets and shuttles, including the complex “Energia-Buran”.

He was a chief of Zhulyany Machine-Building Plant which produces controlled surface-to-air rocket for S-300 frameworks in 1988– 1992

From 1992– 1993 Shmarov was a First Deputy Director General of the National Space Agency of Ukraine. Shmarov took part in the advancement and execution of the National Space Program of Ukraine.

Then from the year 1993 to 1995, he was a Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine on issues of a military-mechanical complex of Ukraine.

From 1994 to 1996 he was a Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

Shmarov was an Honorary President of the Association of Aviation Enterprises of Ukraine “Ukraviaprom”, from 1997.

Shmarov was a People’s Deputy of Ukraine. An individual from the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on protection and security in 1998– 2002

Since 2002, Shmarov turned into an individual from Presidium of Aerospace Society of Ukraine.

From 2002– 2005 Shmarov was a Director General of the State organization of fare and import of items and administrations for military and unique purposes “Ukrspetsexport”.

Amid 1998, Shmarov worked at the National Aviation University as partner educator, at that point teacher, and chief of the Aerospace Institute of National Aviation University (starting 2005).

He was the Doctor of Technical Sciences (2006), at that point teacher (2004). The creator of in excess of 40 logical productions and of 3 licenses. Editorial manager in-head of the logical diary Astronomical School’s Report.

Valeriy Shmarov passed away at 74 years old.


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