Sofia Imber, Romanian-born Venezuelan journalist, Died at 92


Sofia Imber was born on May 8, 1924, in Soroca, Kingdom of Romania, and died on February 20, 2017.

She was a Romanian-born Venezuelan journalist and supporter of the arts.

Imber was the founder of the Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas.

She was born to Jewish parents Naum Ímber and Ana Barú. Imber moved to Venezuela with her family when she was four years old, in 1930.

She married Venezuelan journalist and diplomat Guillermo Meneses.

Sofia’s sister was Lya Imber, the first woman who received a medical degree in Venezuela.

She has three daughters Sara, Adriana, Daniela Meneses Imber and a son Pedro Guillermo who died in 2014

She married writer Guillermo Meneses in 1944, subsequently giving birth to Sara, Adriana, Daniela and Pedro Guillermo.

She was a member of Marcos Pérez Jiménez’s diplomatic corps, both traveled to Europe.

When he was stationed in Paris and Brussels, the couple made acquaintances with leftist intellectuals and Venezuelan expatriate artists grouped as “the dissidents”, which included figures such as Alejandro Otero.

After returning to Venezuela, she filed for divorce and married liberal thinker Carlos Rangel.

Imber created the TV political talk show titled Buenos días, airing on Venevisión.

Imber also produced and conducted Sólo con Sofía and La Venezuela Posible, a radio show.

She was the only female recipient of the Premio Nacional de Periodismo de Venezuela (National Journalism Prize of Venezuela).

She donated her personal book collection to the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in June 2014, which contains approximately fourteen thousand entries.

Sofia Imber passed away at 92 years old.