Steve Hewlett, British journalist and radio presenter, Died at 58


Steve Hewlett was born on August 8, 1958, and died on February 20, 2017.

He was a British print and radio journalist and the visiting professor of Journalism and Broadcast Policy at the University of Salford.

Steve was dopted as a baby by Lawrence and Vera Hewlett from a children’s home in Birmingham, Steve later described his adoptive family as “fabulously caring and supportive”.

He was educated at Harold Malley Grammar School in Solihull (the site of which is now Tudor Grange Academy), and the local sixth form college.

Hewlett graduated in liberal studies in science at Manchester University, in 1981, where as a student activist he helped organize a rent strike.

He had three sons by his former partner, Karole Lange.

Following the announcement that his cancer was terminal in early February 2017, he married his then current partner Rachel Crellin, a journalist and executive of Genie Pictures, at the Royal Marsden Hospital.

He died due to cancer at the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Steve Hewlett passed away at 58 years old.