Sir Trevor Jones, British politician, Died at 89


Sir Owen Trevor Jones was born on December 17, 1926, and died on September 9, 2016.
He was a British Liberal Democrat politician and former leader of the Liverpool City Council.
Trevor was brought into politics in 1966 when a proposed ring road threatened the demolition of his chandlery business’ warehouse.
Jones was elected to Liverpool City Council in 1968 and Liverpool Metropolitan District Council in 1973.
Jones led the Liberal Party to control of Liverpool City Council in 1973.
Sir Trevor served as Leader of the Council from 1981-83 and remained a member of the council until 1991.
During 2003, Sir Jones returned to public service when he was elected again to Liverpool City Council, serving until 2010.
He was the son of Owen and Ada Jones of Dyserth, Denbighshire.
Sir Owen’s wife, Lady Doreen Jones is a former Lord Mayor of Liverpool.
Owen has a son, Glyn, and daughter, Louise, and 3 grandchildren, Thomas, George and Ayesha.
Sir Trevor daughter-in-law Mia Jones was a Liberal Democrat Councillor for Chester City Council and a candidate for Chester in the 2005 General Election.
Sir Trevor Jones passed away at 89 years old.