Jure Radić, Croatian civil engineer and politician, Died at 62


Jure Radić was born on September 15, 1953, in Makarska, and died on September 10, 2016.
He was a Croatian civil engineer and politician.
Jure graduated in 1977 and received his PhD in 1987 at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb, where he also worked from 1977.
During 1996 he was tenured.
As of the 1990’s, he was the Head of the Department for Bridges as well as the Structural Engineering Institute.
Jure Radić was one of the founders of the Croatian Institute for Bridges.
In his line of work, he mostly dealt with bridge construction and concrete structures.
Jure led several construction projects, among which are the development strategy of Croatian highways, post-war reconstruction model of Croatia, projects Maslenica Bridge and Pelješac Bridge, and others.
As of 1989, he was the President of the Croatian Society of Structural Engineers, and since 1995 president of the Croatian Association of Engineers. Since 2007 he was the general manager of Institut IGH.
Jure Radić served as the Croatian Minister of Science (1992), Head of the Office of the President of Croatia (1992-1994), Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Development and Reconstruction (1994-2000), as a Member of Parliament and the head of the Committee on Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications (2000-2003).
Jure Radić has authored nine books, numerous scientific and technical papers.
Jure Radić was awarded National Award for Science in 2004.
He died due to gastric cancer.
Jure Radić passed away at 62 years old.