Sergio Reolon, Italian politician, Died at 65


Sergio Reolon ws born on May 22, 1951, and died on January 20, 2017.
He was an Italian politician from the Veneto region.
He was born in Caracas to an Italian family hailing from the Province of Belluno and lived part of his youth in Venezuela and Rhodesia, where his parents went to seek fortune as immigrants.
After his return to the Veneto, region Reolon joined the Italian Communist Party in 1972 and became provincial secretary of the party in Belluno in 1978.
He had twenty-two-year of experience as provincial councillor and minister, Reolon was elected president of the Province of Belluno in 2004, but was ousted in 2009 by Gianpaolo Bottacin.
During the 2010 regional election, Sergio Reolon was elected to the Regional Council of Veneto for the Democratic Party.
Sergio Reolon passed away at 65 years old.