Bruno Amoroso, Italian-born Danish economist, Died at 80


Bruno Amoroso was born on December 11, 1936, and died on January 20, 2017.

He was a Danish/Italian economist, author, and Emeritus Professor of Economics at the Department of Society and Globalization of the Roskilde University.

He was internationally best known for his work on globalization.

He obtained his PhD in Economics at the University La Sapienza, in 1966 under the tutorship of Federico Caffè.

Following his graduation, Amoroso started his academic career in 1970 as researcher and lecturer at the University of Copenhagen.

During 1972, Bruno moved to the University of Roskilde, where he eventually was appointed the Jean Monnet Chair at Roskilde University.

As of 2007, Bruno has been the Docent Emeritus at the University of Roskilde, Jean Monnet Chair.

Whilst at the Roskilde University, he has been President of the Federico Caffè Study Centre.

Bruno Amoroso passed away at 80 years old.