Robert Courtney, New Zealand Paralympic athlete, Died at 55


Robert Courtney was born in the 1960’s and died on January 28, 2016, in Auckland.

He was a champion New Zealand Paralympian.

Robert spent most of his childhood in Auckland.

He received his education at St Peter’s College.

Robert Courtney represented New Zealand in the 1982 1982 Paraplegic Olympics in Hong Kong in the 100/200 meters Wheelchair Sprints.

Robert won gold medals and set world records.

Courtney also represented New Zealand in the 1984 Summer Paralympics at Stoke Mandeville, England, where he won.

And he also set another world record in, the men’s 100m 4.

In those same games, Robert also won a bronze medal in the Men’s King of the Straight – 100 m 1A-6.

Robert Courtney passed away at 55 yrs old.