Carles Hac Mor, Spanish Catalan writer, Died at 76

Carlos Hernandez and Mor/stage name Carles Hac Mor was born on November 26, 1940, in Lleida, Sant Feliu, January 27, 2016.

He was a Catalan writer.

Carles develop personal invention genres, such as the rough dressing, the paraparèmia, and the hiposeptimí.

He practiced the conceptual art of the Working Group, from 1973 to 1975.

Between the 60’s and 70’s, Carles co-founded the journals art and poetry Tecstual, parapet and the plane, and encouraged others.

Cinematographic and contributed to numerous magazines as well as newspapers El País and Diario de Barcelona.

Carlos received the award Spaces Art Criticism in 1988 and the Prize Joan Fuster Essay of 1998.

He wrote hundreds of texts to exhibition catalogs and practice “the artistic action” (happening or performance).

The multifariousness of genres practiced, he said: “It is very apparent dispersion.

Other than poetry, he said, I wrote essays, texts on artists But did it really is critical essay or? Or is poetry, poetry or a kind of theoretical.

He said, his novel called ‘end’ of the world is rather an antinovel·la. Perhaps the people who say I do not have reason and poetry is anti-poetry.

The poetry was also anti-poetry, but neither should be ‘institutionalized anti. “.

Carles Hac Mor passed away at 76 yr old.