Renzo Canestrari, Italian psychiatrist, Died at 92


Renzo Antonio Bartolomeo Canestrari was born on August 19, 1924, and died onJanuary 28, 2017.

He was an Italian psychiatrist.

He was a student of Giulio Cesare Pupilli and Cesare Musatti, Canestrari was one of the foremost pioneers in the rebirth of Italian psychology after World War II, as well as the founder of the Bologna School of Gestalt Psychology and the guiding force behind it for 40 years.

During 1957, Canestrari became the professor of general psychology at the University of Salerno, then – from 1960 on – the first full professor of clinical psychology at the University of Bologna.

Canestrari’s main interests were perception under the Gestalt-theoretical point of view and its impact on mental health.

After his anticipation, he spoke out on the need to include psychology in the medical school curriculum.

Since 1979 until his death, Canestrari was a member of the Advisory Board of the international multidisciplinary journal Gestalt Theory.

During 1991, Renzo Canestrari founded the Dipartimento della Formazione of the University of the Republic of San Marino.

Renzo Canestrari passed away at 92 years old.