Qandeel Baloch, Pakistani model and social media celebrity, Died at 26

Fouzia Azeem was born on March 1, 1990, and died on July 15, 2016.

She was also known as Qandeel Baloch.

She was a Pakistani model, actress and social media celebrity.

Baloch had rose to fame from her videos discussing her daily routine and various controversial issues,

She gained her recognition from the media when in 2013, she appeared as a auditionee on Pakistan Idol, her audition went viral and she became an Internet celebrity.

She was so popular international news media like Agence France-Presse has compared her to Kim Kardashian.

Recently, she met Mufti Abdul Qavi in a hotel room to learn more about her faith, the interaction between them brought mayhem on social media platforms as their photos went viral online.

Fouzia also wore a hat with Mufti’s signature.

Qandeel Baloch previous stunt which spread in social media was that she promised to strip dance for her nation and to dedicate her dance to cricketer Shahid Afridi if Pakistan won the Twenty20 match against India on March 19, 2016.

Baloch had released a teaser regarding her strip dance on social media which went viral but Pakistan had lost the match.

Other Indian media compare her with Poonam Pandey due to her controversial personality and similarities.

During an interview with controversial anchor Mubashir Luqman, Qandeel named Sunny Leone, Rakhi Sawant and Poonam Pandey as her inspirations.

Baloch also said that many organizations, people or media groups are calling her to feature in their shows to increase their own TRP ratings.

She was strangled to death while she was on Eid holidays in her parents house.

Qandeel Baloch passed away at 26 years old.