Helen Bailey, British author, Died at 51


Helen Bailey was born in 1965, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, and died in 2016.

She was a British author.

Helen wrote the Electra Brown series of books aimed at a teenage audience.

She grew up in Ponteland.

She gained a degree in science at Thames Polytechnic in London before undertaking postgraduate research in a teaching hospital.

Helen Bailey then changed career to work in the media, and worked on licensing and marketing campaigns for characters such as Rugrats and Garfield, and for Nintendo, feature film and cartoon characters.

She had wrote five books of “teenage angst” in the Crazy World of Electra Brown series: Life at the Shallow End (2008), Out of my Depth (2008), Swimming Against the Tide (2009), Taking the Plunge (2009), and Falling Hook, Line & Sinker (2010).

Helen Bailey was nominated for a “Queen of Teen” award in 2010.

The film, In Running in Heels (2011), she featured a new character, Daisy Davenport.

Helen has also written books for younger children, including the Willow the Woodsprite series, the Topaz series, and the Felicity Wishes series.

Her total amount of is 22 books of short stories, picture books and young-adult fiction published.

During February 2011, her husband John Sinfield drowned while swimming when the couple were on holiday in Barbados.

Bailey first book for adults, When Bad Things Happen in Good Bikinis (2015), was based on her Planet Grief blog which sets out her “journey through grief” after he died.

Bailey was reported missing in April 2016; in July 2016 it was reported that human remains were found at her home, and her partner was charged with her murder.

Helen Bailey passed away at 51 years old.