Peter Warren, Co-founder of the Denver Film Festival, Died at 77

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Peter Warren died October 15, 2015 from a neurological disorder.

He was an American academic, he was the co-founder of the Denver International Film Festival and serving as a University of Denver dean.

Peter Warren was married to Katharine Smith-Warren and had a stepson Tyler Chafee and daughter-in-law Sally Richards Chafee and three grandchildren, Anna, Nora and Will Chafee. .

In 1970 Peter moved to Denver, and he became a tenured associate professor in the math department.

Peter spent three-year as the director of research and policy planning for Colorado Energy Research, he began his development of University College, DU’s college of professional and continuing studies.

He loved the arts and culture and in 1977, he felt that Denver lacked something cultural and he felt a film festival would represent that, so he co-founded one in his hometown.

Peter Warren died from multiple system atrophy.