John Adie, British festival executive, Died at 69

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John Adie died October 27, 2015.

He was the British festival executive, and the co-founder of the Two Moors Festival.

John and Penny his wife, founded the festival in 2001, when their region was dotted with funeral mounds of cattle, slaughtered during a foot-and-mouth epidemic, and farmers were taking their own lives in despair.

They have raised over £1.5 million for music and gave countless young artists the opportunity to cultivate a new audience.

John Adie was born into an army family in India.

He had a military career until 1984.

Three years later, John purchased an old farm, on Exmoor and turned it into a family business.

John Adie had three daughters. He passed away at age 69 in October 2015.