Peter Lustig, German television presenter and author, Died at 78


Peter Fritz Willi Lustig was born on October 27, 1937, in Breslau and died on February 23, 2016, near Husum.

He was a German television presenter and author of children’s books.

He was well known as the leading actor in the weekly children’s television show Löwenzahn (which he hosted from 1979 up until 2006; during its first year the show was still called Pusteblume).

Peter Lustig also appeared on the shows Mittendrin (1987-1995) and Gordos Reise ans Ende der Welt, in 2007.

He was formerly qualified as a broadcast engineer and an electronics engineer before becoming a television host and actor.

He joined the American Forces Network as a radio engineer in 1963, Peter was responsible for the recording of US President John F. Kennedy’s speech Ich bin ein Berliner held in Berlin.

Peter usually ended an episode of the show Löwenzahn (where he explained various phenomena of science and nature to children) with a proposal to turn off the TV now.

Peter Lustig show persona always wore characteristic blue dungarees and lived in a wooden building site cabin in fictitious Bärstadt (“Beartown”).

During the 80’s, he was a follower of Osho.

His second wife was British-Austrian children’s author and fellow follower of Osho Elfie Donnelly.

He left behind four children and nine grandchildren.

Peter Lustig passed away at 78 yrs old.