Harold C. Conklin, American anthropologist, Died at 89


Harold Colyer Conklin was born on April 27, 1926, and died on February 18, 2016.

He was an American anthropologist.

He conducted extensive ethnoecological and linguistic field research in Southeast Asia (particularly the Philippines) and was a pioneer of ethnoscience, documenting indigenous ways of understanding and knowing the world.

Harold accepted a teaching position in anthropology at Columbia University, in 1955.

Harold proceeded his research interests in language, culture, cognition, kinship, and folk classification.

However, he maintained publishing his analysis of the Hanunóo until 1961, when he moved his research to Ifugao in northern Luzon, where he would make a series of fieldwork trips for the next two decades.

He served on the faculty of the Department of Anthropology at Yale University in 1962.

Whilst at Yale his research areas included the ethnology and ecology of tropical forested areas of the Pacific Basin.

According to his extensive research, Harold C. Conklin built one of the comprehensive ethnographic collections from the Philippines at Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History, where he was Curator of Anthropology from 1974 until his retirement in 1996.

With over 1,500 objects that he collected in the Philippines have been acquired by the American Museum of Natural History.

Harold C. Conklin passed away at 89 yrs old.