Luciano Gallino, Italian sociologist, Died at 88

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Luciano Gallino was born on May 15, 1927, and died on November 8, 2015.

He was a sociologist, writer and university professor of sociology Italian.

One of the most authoritative Italian sociologists, has contributed to the institutionalization of the discipline in the Second World War, working in and out of the academy on issues concerning the sociology of economic and labour, of technology, of training and, more generally, of social theory.

Luciano was considered one of the greatest Italian experts on the relationship between new technologies and education, as well as the transformation of the labour market.

His main fields of research are the theory of action and theory of the social, the social and cultural implications of science and technology, socio-cultural aspects of the new telecommunication technologies.

Luciano passed away at age 88 in November 2015.