Lim Eng Beng, Filipino basketball player, Died at 64 .

Lim Eng Beng was born on November 10, 1951, in Tondo, Philippines and died on December 21, 2015, in Quezon City, Philippines.

He was a pioneering Chinese, Filipino basketball player.

He attended the De La Salle University.

Lim was named one of the 40 greatest players in PBA history

Beng was one of two players whose jersey has been retired by the De La Salle University Green Archers.

Beng was best known for joining the Concepcion Industries during the birth of the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) in 1975.

He received a reward for winning the 1974 NCAA men’s basketball championship.

As a senior, his averaged was 32 points per outing in the 1974 season and set a single game record for the most points (men’s basketball), which is 55, a record which stands to this day.

Beng played for Chiang Kai Shek College in 1968, he then joined the China Bank in Manila, in 1970, to play in the inter-bank tournament and won the championship trophy.

He has played in counties including; Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

Lim was inducted into the DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame, in 1998.

Lim Eng Beng passed away at 64 yrs old due to liver cancer, he had been diagnosed with liver cancer in 2013.