Lester Kinsolving


American political talk radio host Charles Lester Kinsolving was born on December 18, 1927, and died on December 4, 2018.

He was previously heard on WCBM in Baltimore, Maryland.

Lester Kinsolving was known for being the first White House correspondent to ask questions about the spreading HIV/AIDS epidemic during the Reagan administration; he went on to ask questions about the disease even though press secretary Larry Speakes and some other correspondents made light of it, with Speakes joking that Kinsolving had an “abiding interest in the disease” because he was “a fairy”.

He first asked questions about AIDS in 1982; President Ronald Reagan would not acknowledge the epidemic until 1985, by which time more than 5,000 people had died from the disease.h

He passed away at 90 years old.


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