Kirill Kovaldzhi, Russian author, Died at 87

Kirill Vladimirovich Kovaldzhi was born on March 14, 1930, and died on April 10, 2017.

He was a Russian poet, novelist, literary critic, and translator.

He was born in the Bessarabian village of Tashlyk, Romania( Now called Odessa Oblast, Ukraine).

In 1949, Kirill attended the Moscow’s Maxim Gorky Literature Institute, who graduated in 1954

Whilst in Moscow, published collections of poems At Dawn (1958), Voices (1972), After Noon (1981), Yearly Rings (1982), High Dialogue (1988), Links and Grains (1989), The Book of Lyrics (1993), The Invisible Threshold (1999), To You.

Another on Demand (2002), the book of prose and poetry Countdown (2003), the short book Zerna (2005).

He has penned a number of short stories, the story Five Points on the Map (1965), the novel Liman Stories (1970) – his new supplemented edition, published under the title Candle in draft (1996), was nominated for the State Prize of Russia.

He was the winner of the literary prize of the Writers Union of Moscow The Crown (2000).

He wrote poems and prose that translated into a number of languages, individual publications – in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland.

Kirill Kovaldzhi passed away at 87 years old.