Jose Maria Mendiluce, politician and author, Died at 64

José María Mendiluce was born on April 14, 1951, in Madrid, and died November 28, 2015, in Barcelona.

He was a Spanish politician and author.

As a student, Jose played in the movement against Franco by helping radical leftist groups such as the Revolutionary Communist League.

In 1980, Jose joined the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) so that, for ten years.

After Jose worked in the Balkans, denouncing the crimes they’re produced in the nineties.

Jose was elected MEP in 1994 in the candidacy of PSOE, echoing those of 1999.

Around December of that year, Jose was elected president of Greenpeace International.

Jose was a candidate of the Greens for mayor of Madrid, in 2002, although Jose did not abandon the Socialist Group in the European Parliament.

While on campaign, Jose acknowledged his homosexuality in the journal Zero’.

It was actually bisexual as reflected in his own words.

Jose contributed regularly in the newspaper El Pais and El Periodico de Catalunya.

José María Mendiluce passed away at 64 years old due to a degenerative bone disease.