Luca De Filippo, actor and theatre director, Died at 67


Luca De Filippo was born on June 3, 1948, in Rome, and died on November 27, 2015.

He was an Italian actor and director of theatre.

His parents were Eduardo De Filippo and the singer and actress Turin Thea Prandi.

Luca married Carolina Rosi, the daughter of director Francesco Rosi in 2013.

Francesco Rosi and Luca, had many theatrical experiences.

He started in 1955, at only age 7, Luca played a role in when it Peppeniello in Poverty and Nobility, of Eduardo Scarpetta, directed by his father.

He debuted at 20 yrs.

Because of his father’s direction, he took part, both in theater and in the TV version, to the contract, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Filumena Marturano, not paying you, The Local Health, Naples millionaire!, Magistrate De Vincenzo, with Lies long legs and man and gentleman.

Others includes, Christmas Cupiello, exams never end, the voices from within, Sik-Sik, the architect of magic, Gennareniello, Pain locked, Those recorded many years ago, always tell him yes, Who is cchiu ‘happy’ and me, to Pirandello Cap rattlesnake, a work of Gino Rocca lemon zest, to ‘O thunder’ and March, in La donna e mobile from Vincenzo Scarpetta.

He had many film and television appearances, including it is among the performers, along with Helmut Berger and under the name of Luca Della Porta, of Young Tigers (1967), directed by Antonio Leonviola; with Carlo Giuffre, the television series directed by Mino Guerrini That shop Piazza Navona (1969); always for television works in Petrosenella and scenes of Naples (1982); Then it was the turn of the series Nose Dog, directed by Pasquale Squitieri, with Claudia Cardinale (1985); then de Blackmail, directed by various directors, starring, among others, by Massimo Ranieri and Kim Rossi Stuart.

Luca De Filippo passed at 67 yrs on November 27, 2015, due to cancer.