John Timoney, American police officer, Died at 68


John F. Timoney was born in 1948, and died on August 17, 2016.

He was a law enforcement executive.

Timoney served as Chief of the Miami Police Department (from 2003 to 2010).

John was previously the Commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department (from 1998–2002) and also held a variety of positions with the New York Police Department (from 1967 to 1996), including its Chief of Department (senior sworn/uniformed position) and First Deputy Commissioner (second position). He currently works for the Ministry of the Interior of Bahrain as a police consultant.

He has drawn international attention for his handling of mass protests, with both praise and controversy.

John Timoney has been married to his wife, Noreen, since 1971.

However, she was once a director of finance and administration at ABC in New York, when her husband’s career blossomed, she became an independent business consultant to devote more time to managing home and family.

John and Noreen had two adult children, who were Christine and Seán.

Timoney died due to lung cancer.

John Timoney passes away at 68 years old.