João Lobo Antunes, Portuguese neurosurgeon, Died at 72

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João Lobo Antunes was born on June 4, 1944, in Lisbon and died on October 27, 2016.

He was a Portuguese neurosurgeon.

He the second of six sons of João Alfredo de Figueiredo Lobo Antunes (born 1915), prominent Neurologist and Professor, close collaborator of Egas Moniz, Nobel prize of physiology, and his wife Margarida da Beira Cardoso de Melo Machado, daughter of Joaquim José Machado, 70th, 82nd and 91st Governor of Mozambique and 110th Governor of Portuguese India, and wife Mariana Cardoso de Melo.

Joao’s great-grandfather in male line was an illegitimate son of Bernardo António de Brito Antunes, 1st Viscount of Nazaré.

Antunes’ brother is novelist António Lobo Antunes.

Antunes has a degree in Medicine from  the University of Lisbon (1968).

Antunes then went to the United States, and worked in the Department of Neurosurgery of the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and taught at the Columbia University.

Antunes returned to Portugal in 1983, to get a PhD from the University of Lisbon.

Then a year later he was Professor of Neurosurgery at the Faculty of Medicine.

He was married 3 times.

He died due to melanoma.

João Lobo Antunes passed away at 72 years old.