Elda Grin, Armenian writer and psychologist, Died at 88

Elda Grin was born on March 10, 1928, in Tiflis (Georgia) and died on October 27, 2016.

She was an Armenian writer, psychologist, professor, and legal expert.

Grin studied at Foreign Language Faculty of Yerevan Russian Pedagogical Institute from 1943 to 1947.

She was a Professor of psychology at Yerevan State University.

Elda Grin also published ten books of short stories, among them: “A Night Sketch” (1973), “My Garden” (1983), “We Want to Live Beautifully” (2000), “Space of Dreams” (2004), etc.

Grin wrote a short-story in 2010 “The Hands” was published in Yerevan in a separate volume in 35 languages, including Icelandic, Luxembourgish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Hebrew, etc.

The Arabic version of that story was translated by Harout Vartanian (an Armenian poet).

Elda Grin passed away at 88 years old.