Jesús Silva Herzog Flores, Mexican economist and politician, Died at 81


Jesús Silva Herzog Flores was born Jesús Silva y Flores on May 8, 1935, and died on March 6, 2017.
He was a Mexican economist and politician.
Flores was affiliated with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).
Flores was appointed the secretary of Finance and Public Credit in the cabinet of President Miguel de la Madrid (1982–1986), as ambassador to Spain (1991–1994) and the United States (1995–1997), and as secretary of Tourism (1994) in the cabinet of Carlos Salinas de Gortari.
Jesús Silva Herzog Flores was married to María Teresa Márquez Diez-Canedo and is the father of three children: María Teresa, Eugenia and Jesús Silva Herzog Márquez.
Jesús Silva Herzog Flores passed away at 81 years old.