Bassel al-Araj, Palestinian activist and pharmacist, 31

Bassel al-Araj died on March 6, 2017.

He was a Palestinian activist, author, and pharmacist.

Al Araj was a graduate of an Egyptian university and was known for his writings about revolution and resistance to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

He is known as “the educated martyr” among some Palestinian activists.

Al-Araj was a native of al-Walaja, near Bethlehem.

Bassel al-Araj worked as a pharmacist and organized educational activities and lectures in which he narrated experiences of Palestinian resistance in tours of Palestinian landmarks.

Bassel al-Araj was imprisoned by Palestinian Authority security forces in the West Bank for six months, and following his release he was pursued by Israeli occupation forces.

In his handwritten letter published posthumously, al-Araj appeared to predict his own death and placed it within the context of the struggle for Palestinian liberation.

Bassel al-Araj was killed by the Israeli military force in a two-hour gunfight.

Bassel al-Araj passed away at 31 years old.