Jack Nadel, American entrepreneur and author, Died at 92

  Business, Writer

Jack Nadel was born on October 4, 1923, and died on September 24, 2016.

He was an American author, entrepreneur, and proponent of ethics in business.

Nadel was the founder and chairman of Jack Nadel International and was the host of the television show “Out of the Box with Jack Nadel”.

He served with the United States Army Air Forces in 1945, he was the navigator and radar officer on the B-29 Superfortress during World War II where he completed 27 missions over Japan.

Nadel was the recipient of multiple medals including the Distinguished Flying Cross (United States).

Nadel’s career in exports began in 1946 through the buying and selling of surplus U.S. Army materials.[5] He founded Jack Nadel International in 1953, building a $100-million firm by marketing abroad.[6] In the 1970s, Jack Nadel began working with investors in Italy and France, eventually leading to a licensing deal with Pierre Cardin.[7]

Then his third book, How to Succeed in Business Without Lying, Cheating, or Stealing, was published in 1993 and focuses on morality-based business practices.

He died due to Leukemia.

Jack Nadel passed away at 92 years old.