Bill Mollison, Australian researcher, author, teacher and biologist, Died at 88

Bruce Charles “Bill” Mollison was born on May 4, 1928, and died on September 24, 2016.

He was an Australian researcher, author, scientist, teacher, and biologist.

Mollison was Considered to be the “father of permaculture” (although Joseph Russell Smith was the first to write about a system of permanent agriculture in a book entitled Tree Crops, published in 1929, and also a book from 1910 entitled Breeding and Use of Tree Crops).

Permaculture was an integrated system of design where Mollison co-developed with David Holmgren, and it encompasses not only agriculture, horticulture, architecture, and ecology, but also economic systems, land access strategies, and legal systems for businesses and communities.

During 1978, Mollison collaborated with Holmgren and they wrote a book called Permaculture One.

He founded The Permaculture Institute in Tasmani and created a training system to train others under the umbrella of Permaculture.

His system has taught thousands of people how to grow food and be sustainable using the Permaculture method.

Bill received the Right Livelihood Award in 1981 with Patrick van Rensburg.

Bruce Charles “Bill” Mollison passed away at 88 years old.