Israeli lawyer, Jacob Weinroth, Died at 71

Jacob Weinroth was born in 1947 in Ansbach, Germany and died on October 16, 2018.

He was an Israeli attorney specializing in litigation.

Jacob Weinroth was the founding partner of Dr. J. Weinroth & Co. Law Office.

He was born in a displaced person camp to parents of Polish-Jewish origin.

During 1949 Jacob’s family relocated to Israel and settled in Netanya.

Weinroth was a student at Rav Amiel Yeshiva “New Yishuv” in Tel Aviv and later at the Ponevezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak followed by the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Weinroth was ordained as a Rabbi by Rabbi Shmuel Rozovski, Rabbi Dovid Povarsky and the Head Rabbi of Jerusalem Rabbi Bezalel Zolti.

He carried out his duties in the Israel Defense Forces in the infantry and later did reserve duty in the Military Advocate General’s Corps.

He went on to study law at Tel Aviv University. During 1972, Weinroth received a BA with honors, an MA with honors in 1974, and a Ph.D. in 1981.

Weinroth doctoral thesis was entitled “The Law of the Rebellious wife”, dealt with ways to enforce husbands to divorce their wives that will be valid according to Jewish Halakha which is the state law in Israel on matrimonial matters.

This composition included a bill proposal that was later passed as a law in the Knesset: Rabbinical courts law (enforcing court orders for divorce) 1995.

Eventually approved by leading Rabbis, the law improved the situations of women in divorce processes and is still called the “Weinroth law”.

Jacob Weinroth doctoral thesis was based on a case presented by Weinroth in the upper Rabbinical court of appeals.

He resided in Ramat Gan and was married to Belgium-born Giselle.

Jacob Weinroth was the father of six children.

Jacob Weinroth brother Dr. Avraham Weinroth is a senior partner in the firm.

Jacob Weinroth two sons also work in the firm.

He passed away due to cancer at 71 years old.

Jacob Weinroth had developed cancer the previous year, but continued working almost to his last day.


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