Isobel Finnerty, Canadian politician, Died at 86


Isobel Finnerty was born on July 15, 1930, and died on October 3, 2016.
She was a Canadian Senator from Timmins, Ontario.
Isobel was appointed to the Senate in 1999 by Jean Chr├ętien, and was a member of the Liberal Party.
She retired from the Senate on July 15, 2005 upon reaching the chamber’s mandatory retirement age of 75.
Before being appointed to the Senate, Finnerty was a medical secretary and community organizer.
Isobel was appointed to the Timmins Parks and Recreation Commission at only 19 years old, where she served as the only woman for over 20 years.
As a notable resident of Timmins, she managed numerous municipal, provincial and federal campaigns.
Isobel Finnerty served as executive director of the Liberal Party of Canada’s Ontario wing in the late 1970s.
During the early 1980s, Isobel Finnerty served as executive assistant to John Munro, Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs, and later managed his national leadership campaign in 1984.
Isobel Finnerty passed away at 86 years old.